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Sustainability Local Foods
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We talk with economist and food system analyst Ken Meter of Crossroads Resource Center about a study he was commissioned to complete on the economic benefits of developing a robust local food economy. Meter explains that our region loses $1.7 billion annually simply because most of the food we purchase is produced outside our region. He also shares how we can reclaim a great deal of that wealth by producing and purchasing high-quality local foods that taste great and leave a much smaller carbon footprint. To illustrate Meter's point, we travel to Green Ridge Farm in rural Carbondale to meet with owner and operator Shari Sweeney, who grows wholesome, organic, chemical-free produce and teaches others to do the same. Sweeney shares how people can eat locally year round by canning, drying, and freezing produce harvested during the growing season and how the addition of a hoop house has made it possible, and profitable, for her to grow cool weather crops year round.

Tune in this segment to learn how a vibrant local food economy can help to promote better health, sustain local wealth, build a more interconnected community, and guarantee food security in challenging economic times.

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