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Bruce Kraig Hot Dog Book
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Food historian Bruce Kraig of Carbondale, Ill. has literally written the book on the origins of the humble hot dog. On this WSIU InFocus, Kraig, a professor emeritus of history at Chicago's Roosevelt University, discusses his book, Man Bites Dog: Hot Dog Culture in America, with host Jak Tichenor, and gives an entertaining and educational account of the American love affair with the humble tube steak.

From the hot dog's introduction to the American palate by German immigrants in the 19th century to today's almost limitless regional variations, it's a flavorful half-hour of fun and information about our country's most popular public food. For more information about the book, visit

Kraig also has ties to PBS, having hosted, written, and served as historian for the public television documentaries Hidden India, Hidden Mexico, Hidden China, Hidden Korea, and Food for the Ancestors.

Host: Jak Tichenor
Guest(s): Bruce Kraig
Topic keywords: Hot Dogs
Link To video segment: Episode: 816