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Local Reaction to 2013 Budget Address
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WSIU-TV producer and Illinois Lawmakers correspondent and host, Jak Tichenor, will get reaction to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's Budget Address from area lawmakers from both sides of the aisle in this half-hour WSIU InFocus special.

"The Governor has no choice but to paint the starkest picture possible for members of the General Assembly of what next fiscal year's budget will look like unless they act quickly to fix the worst funded public employee pension system in the country," said Tichenor.

The Governor's Office of Management and Budget estimates that state revenues for fiscal year 2014 will grow by approximately $600-million, but that growth will be quickly offset by increased pension costs of $945-million. The state's unfunded pension liability now totals nearly $100-billion, and grows another $17-million a day, meaning less money for schools and other state programs like health and human services.

Several pension reform bills are currently before the legislature, but so far, none has passed either chamber of the Illinois General Assembly as of early March.

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