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Porcupine Balls
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If you're a southern Illinois angler, you're probably spent a lot of time at Cedar Lake in Carbondale – and soon you'll have even more incentive to visit this popular outdoor recreational area. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is implementing a new plan to improve fishing at Cedar Lake by stocking the lake with more fish. The department is also establishing artificial habitats to help fish flourish. These artificial habitats, known as Porcupine Balls or Porcupine fish attractors, attract all kinds of fish – from bluegill to bass. The Porcupine Balls, which resemble over-sized whiffle balls with multiple lengths of PVC pipe inserted into the holes, create an ideal environment for fish and other aquatic creatures. Using federal grant funds, IDNR and students from Job Core in Golconda, Illinois submerged over 30 Porcupine Balls in Cedar Lake to improve the lake's fishing potential.

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