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Coup du Jours
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Coops du Jours is a self-guided tour of chicken coops in southern Illinois. Founder and organizer Heather Smith shares insight about the popularity of the tour and explains why people are so interested in learning about how to keep chickens. We also meet two couples whose chicken coops are part of Coops du Jours. Greg and Jen Wharton have converted an old smokehouse on their property into a coop, but also let their hens roam freely as much as possible. John and Lisa Marks built their coop from scratch. It is well-landscaped and matches their home, and features an exterior egg box that makes the design well-suited for people who live in towns and cities. Adding to the popularity of this trend in our region is the news that Carbondale, Illinois recently passed an ordinance that will allows citizens to keep chickens on their property.

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