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Electric Cars
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The revolution WILL be televised when it comes to ground-breaking developments in electric car technology if media entrepreneurs and innovators Jack Rickard and Brian Noto have anything to do with it.  On the next WSIU InFocus, find out how Rickard and Noto have built a world-wide audience for custom electric car builders conversions out of a small garage in Rickard's hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Experience the men gained in publicizing and organizing trade shows for the fledgling internet industry years ago inspired them to launch their weekly EVTV.ME online video series to provide  electric car enthusiasts with detailed information about how to convert traditional gasoline powered cars into electric autos. "In order to talk cogently about how you can build a car in your garage, we needed to build one," Rickard says.  But they didn't stop at just one car. Instead, they have several projects up and going at any given time while conducting a wide range of experiments on key components like lithium ion batteries which they call the "game-changer" in transforming electric vehicles from toys into something everyone can use in their daily commutes.

Rickard and Noto's video publishing business recently brought their cyber community together in Cape for a trade show called the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention that featured electric cars that can top 120 miles per hour and travel between 80 and 150-miles on a single charge.  EVCC also attracted leading electric car entrepreneurs like keynote speaker George Hamstra who was able to retire at age 37 by getting in on the ground floor of the personal computer industry.  Given the big turn-out in Cape and the groundswell of new technologies, Hamstra believes the electric car industry "is going to exceed the growth curve of personal computers."

Many of those attending the convention are not convinced the big automakers that are so heavily invested in internal comustion engines are really ready to make any big innovations in electric propulsion anytime soon.  Instead, the real pioneers might well be the tinkerers who made their way to EVCC. Who knows, we may have been rubbing shoulders with next Steve jobs or Bill Gates?

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