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Evelyn Glennie
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Grammy-winning recording artist Dame Evelyn Glennie has built an impressive career as the world's first full-time professional solo percussionist. From Bela Fleck to Bjork to classical music, the Scottish-born artist performs musical genres with breathtaking virtuosity on an incredible variety of instruments, including drums, vibraphones, gongs, and practically anything else she can get her hands on. Awarded Dame Commander of the British Empire in 2007, the female equivalent of knighthood, Ms. Glennie is a remarkable artist and inspirational figure on the world's music scene. Profoundly deaf since the age of twelve, she performs barefoot to literally be more in touch with her music.

Dame Glennie talked with WSIU-TV producer Jak Tichenor earlier this year while appearing at [ ]SIU Carbondale's Shryock Auditorium with the SIUC Wind Ensemble during a four day residency that included workshops and delivering the University Honors Program's Charles D. Tenney Distinguished Lecture. During the conversation, Glennie used a small Native American wooden drum to demonstrate how vibrations felt with her entire body give her the physical feedback she needs to perform without the aid of hearing. She also shares details about her relationship with her father, who encouraged her to pursue her dreams of being a musical performer.

Host: Jak Tichenor
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