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Solar Power Homes
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Lower costs, government incentives, and greater awareness about the savings and environmental benefits associated with renewable energy have helped to make solar power a mainstream option by a growing number of homeowners. Solar panels are a series of crystalline silicon cells, which produce electricity from natural sunlight. The experts at Advanced Energy Solutions Group install these solar panels as part of a Solar Electronic System for regular household use by mounting Photo Voltaic Panels that can withstand winds of up to 90 miles per hour.

In previous years, the biggest stumbling block for consumer purchases has been cost, but a recent price drop of about 30% has spurred a surge in interest. The only requirements for a Grid Tied System Box for household use are a Certified Inverter and a Safety Cut Off Box. The amount of power produced by these systems is exceeding the expectations of its users and the reward is a sustained lower cost renewable energy source. Over the last few years, WSIU InFocus has turned the spotlight on local residents who use these kinds of solar panels to power their homes, including Hugh and Judy Muldoon and Jim and Mary Maginel. We continue our exploration of the booming industry of home solar installations in this episode.

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