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David Levy
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If you've ever wondered whether a liberal arts education can lead to a successful professional life, look no farther than the career of amateur astronomer David Levy, who since 1984 has discovered 22 comets, including the Shoemaker-Levy Nine Comet, which he co-discovered in 1994 with Gene and Carolyn Shoemaker. Levy, who earned both a bachelor's and master's degree in English in the 1970s and a PhD in English in 2010, didn't start out to become an astronomer, but his passion for both astronomy and literature have given him a unique perspective on cosmic discovery. The author or editor of over 35 books and other products, Levy continues to make important contributions to both the scientific and literary worlds. In 2011, Levy was invited to the SIU Carbondale campus for the second time as part of the University Honors program's lecture series (his last visit was in 2006). While at SIU, Levy stopped at WSIU-TV's studios to share insights about his life, career, and the wonders of the heavens with WSIU's Kevin Boucher.

Host: Kevin Boucher
Guest(s): David Levy
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