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John Bul Dau
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John Bul Dau became one of nearly 30,000 Lost Boys of Sudan who were brutally displaced by the civil wars that have claimed millions of victims in the Sudan over the last 50-years. Thousands of the Lost Boys died in the forced march from their homeland from war, starvation, and attacks by wild animals. The heartbreaking, but inspirational story of the survivors was turned into an award-winning 2006 documentary God Grew Tired of Us.

Dau has made a comfortable transition to life in the United States. He has gone to college, married, and is raising a family in Syracuse, New York, but his thoughts are never far from his homeland. A sought-after keynote speaker and human rights activist, Dau has returned many times to the Sudan to raise money for schools and health clinics through the non-profit organization he founded, the Jon Dau Foundation. He shared his story and personal mission with Jak Tichenor during a November 2009 visit to Southern Illinois University Carbondale as part of the University Honors Program's Lecture Series.

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