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Grover Webb of Tanglefoot Ranch is a traditional farmer who raises row crops and cattle. At one time, Webb also raised hogs, but he wanted to find an alternative that would make good use of a hillside area he was unable to farm. He originally considered raising catfish, but found an easier option that better suits the land on his property: pond-raised shrimp, also known as prawns. Webb's pond system allows the shrimp to exit trough a pipe at the end of his sloped ponds.

InFocus visited Webb to see how he harvests and processes these tasty creatures. He explains that placing the shrimp in ice water, then harvesting them as quickly as possible, are the keys to a successful operation. While Webb faces many challenges during harvest, he says he's happy with his decision to explore this pioneering venture in aquaculture and hopes to continue prawn fishing for the rest of his life.

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