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Whipple Creek Guitars
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We visit with Terry Whipple, whose natural gift for understanding the acoustical properties of wood led to the founding of his business Whipple Creek Guitars in Pomona, Illinois. After suffering an injury to his right hand, Whipple began looking at left-handed guitars, but was unhappy with their quality. He decided he could build a better left-handed guitar himself, which led to the start of his business. Whipple's long friendship with two-time National Fingerpicking and Flatpicking Champion and former Nashville session musician Robert Bowlin has helped him to refine his craft and turn Whipple Creek Guitars into some of the best-sounding, hand-crafted acoustic guitars today. Whipple's intuitive knowledge of wood properties, combined with his past experience as a carpenter and a designer of custom-built cabinets and furniture, have also contributed to his evolution as a respected craftsman who focuses as much on a guitar's feel and performance as its sound.

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