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Beekeeping in Southern Illinois
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Scott Martin and Angelique Kuehl belong to a local network of beekeepers who share information and equipment and work to promote beekeeping and its health and environmental benefits. In this episode of WSIU InFocus, Martin and Kuehl offer us a closer look at the interworkings of hives and share some of the techniques they use, such as using smoke to keep the bees from attacking. They also point out different kinds of bees and the internal structure of hives, and demonstrate how to look for evidence of a queen bee and how to extract honey.

This extensive InFocus segment grew into a full length program when Angie Kuehl showed us a hive that was not thriving because it lacked a queen. Members of the beekeeping network were planning to capture a colony of feral bees that could be used to help Kuehl revive the hive, which in turn would protect the property owner from injury and save the bees from certain extermination.

When the beekeeping group arrives at the location, they find a huge hive embedded in the walls of an old house marked for demolition. The beekeepers are amazed by the sheer size of this colony and work to salvage every part of it. They are anxious to find out whether they successfully captured the queen among the tens of thousands of bees they extracted with a special vacuum.

Learn all about bees and experience the drama of beekeeping. It's a rewarding hobby that is educational and provides a valuable service. It can also be an adventure. This unforgettable WSIU InFocus episode is certain to create quite a buzz about beekeeping.

To learn more about beekeeping in our region, visit S.I. All-A-Buzz on Facebook.

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