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Wilderness Family
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Southern Illinois is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. On a typical hike, you can quickly find yourself in a remote area filled with scenic vistas and a surprising array of diverse plant and animal life. On a hike through the Shawnee National Forest, Judy Lewis made a surprising discovery of her own: a family living off the grid – way off the grid. In this segment, Lewis introduces us to the Hamiltons – husband Bob, wife Elena, and son, Timothy – who live in a solar-powered home deep in the Lusk Creek Wilderness Area. But living off the land doesn't necessarily mean losing all connection with the outside world. The Hamiltons are savvy digital media users who have found a way to bridge the gap between primitive living and technology. In addition to having cellular phones and access to the Internet, their son Timothy uses a laptop powered by the sun to compose music, make films, and add graphics to photographs. The family even produces a podcast, The Alligator Show, from their wilderness home.

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