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Lasse Truffle Omelet
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Joe McFarland, also known as Joe McMushroom, joins Chef Lasse Sorenson in the kitchen at Tom's Place to introduce us to the "truffle." The truffle is known as a gourmet delicacy from the edible part of wild mushrooms. It comes in a variety of different types, with some costing over $1,000 a pound. They are found underground and usually discovered by pigs or dogs specially trained to sniff out truffles. The heavy aroma of truffles can actually be infused into eggs or butter to convert them into a culinary treat. Joe and Lasse demonstrate making a breakfast of the elite by cooking a simple Truffle Omelet. Get the recipe for Truffle Omelet.

Host: Lasse Sorenson
Guest(s): Joe McFarland
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Link To video segment: Episode: 437