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Culture Change Pt. 1
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The winds of change are blowing in our country’s approach to providing nursing home care. A new patient centered model called “Pioneering,” is challenging the old way of doing things that focused more on the needs of the staff to be efficient, rather than the needs of the resident. Pioneering is a humanistic, common sense approach to long term care that’s a far cry from the heavily-regimented, institutionalized nursing home settings so familiar to most of us. Once you see how it actually works, you might be surprised to find out that pioneering is just now catching on. Tonight we revisit our two part series that examined some of the best practices used at the HITZ Nursing Home in Alhambra, Illinois. From the outside, the building looks fairly typical, just like any other nursing facility. But what’s happening inside isn’t typical at all, the Hitz home is one of the first in our region to truly embrace the Pioneering philosophy. Several weeks after taping at the HITZ nursing home, we learned that Teresa Creighton, who was featured at the very end of this story, died as a result of her MS. We would like to note that the Pioneering practices at the Hitz home enabled her to live her life as fully as possible until the end. She struggled to speak with us but wanted others to understand how the simple things done at the HITZ Home enhanced her dignity and gave her a sense of empowerment. We think her testimony here speaks volumes for the power pioneering and the culture change movement.

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