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Titan Tractor
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Length: 6:17

At the 2006 Fall Festival in Pinckneyville, Illinois sponsored by the American Thresherman Association, Kelley Hulsey of the Southern Illinois Antique Power Club talks with club and board member Gaylen Greer about the Greer family's passion for antique tractors. Greer points out a 1913 Titan, which weighs 21,000 pounds, has a two-cylinder engine, and an air start system that requires two people to fire it up.

Greer explains that although the Titan is an antique piece of farm equipment, the basic components are not too different from the engine in a modern day automobile. After talking about the design of the tractor and how the air start system works, Hulsey and Greer climb on the operator's platform and attempt to start the tractor. Unfortunately, the engine has some difficulty starting due to cool temperatures that morning and requires a jump-start by another tractor!

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