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DTV for Seniors
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If you currently receive our WSIU analog television channels 8 and 16 over-the-air, you could lose our signals in late January of next year if you have not prepared for the coming shutoff of analog television broadcasting. The analog television system used in the United States for the past 67 years is being replaced by a digital system to send and receive broadcast TV signals. If you currently get your television signals from a cable or satellite service, you should not worry, as your existing TV will continue to work just fine.

But for those viewers who rely only on over-the-air signals only, and use rabbit ears or outdoor antennas, you’ll need a digital TV or a digital converter box in order to continue to watch television.

If you plan to continue using your older analog TV, you’ll need to hookup a digital converter box to your TV in order to view our digital television channels. You may qualify for a $40 voucher from the government that will help pay part of the cost of these digital converter boxes. At the end of this segment, we will give you contact information on how to apply for a voucher, so have paper and pencil handy.

WSIU’s Robert Henderson recently demonstrated the process of hooking up a digital converter box to your TV, and fielded some common questions about the digital transition during a recent Senior Fest.

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