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McNitt's Greenhouse
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Length: 11:00


John Preece, a horticulturist and professor in SIUC's Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems department, talks with Bill McNitt, who operates McNitt's Garden and Greenhouse LLC in Carbondale with help from his parents, Dolores and Martin McNitt, and 12 employees with extensive experience in horticulture and farming. The locally-owned business provides wholesale plants to "mom and pop" retailers within a 120 mile radius of Carbondale and also donates plants to local fundraisers. Most of the plants at McNitts are grown almost exclusively from cuttings obtained nationwide, although a few seed-planted varieties also are available. Preece gets a tour of the facility where McNitt explains some of their greenhouse operations, such as how plants are grown and watered, how they are transported, and how they are marked to identify which retailer will receive them.

Host: John Preece
Guest(s): Bill McNitt
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Link To video segment: Episode: 332