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Logan Letters
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Length: 13:30

Mike Jones, director of the John A. Logan Museum in Murphysboro, leads a tour of the museum and reads excerpts from an extensive collection of letters tracing General John A. Logan’s life. The collection includes letters that Logan wrote himself, as well as letters from family and friends. Although the letters are not yet on public display, Jones hopes that with more funding, the museum can be expanded to include such a display. Jones points out several letters of particular interest, including a letter dated from 1800, written in French; a letter from Logan’s father to six-year-old Logan outlining the conditions under which the youngster could own his first horse; and a letter from one of Logan’s friends discouraging him from going to California to make his fortune in the Gold Rush. Jones explains why he believes this collection of historical documents will help visitors to gain a greater insight into Logan’s life.

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