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Lasse Paella
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Length: 15:22

Chef Lasse Sorenson of Tom’s Place in DeSoto, Illinois is joined by John Campos, a close friend from San Francisco, who shares his secrets for making paella, a Spanish rice dish filled with vegetables, seafood, and various kinds of meat, such as chorizo sausage, then flavored with saffron, the world’s most expensive spice. Campos explains that paella was once known as a peasant’s dish because it was prepared using easily available ingredients from the countryside, such as tomatoes, onions, or snails. Today, it is considered a gourmet meal that can cost over $100 to prepare due to the expensive seafood and spices used to make it. Campos uses a special paella pan, which is shallow and circular, and makes his own Spanish chorizo sausage. He explains that he learned to cook his special recipe over the course of many trips to Spain to learn more about his Spanish roots. Click here for the recipe.

Host: Lasse Sorenson
Guest(s): John Campos
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Link To video segment: Episode: 321