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Genetically Modified Crops
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InFocus sits in on a debate held at SIUC called “Future Perfect: Conversations on the Meaning of the Genetics Revolution,” sponsored by the Illinois Humanities Council. Dimitra Tasiouras, Director of Programs and Partnerships at the Illinois Humanities Council, explains that the humanities help to give a different perspective to this scientific debate. Jeffrey M. Smith, Executive Director for the Institute for Responsible Technology and author of Seeds of Destruction: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Modified Foods You’re Eating, strongly opposes genetically-modified foods and is striving to have them banned from store shelves. He believes that these foods were “rushed” before the science was ready and that the government is not taking the necessary steps to protect consumers. On the other side of the debate, SIUC Agriculture Professor, David Lightfoot, believes that genetically-altered foods are necessary to living on this planet, which is rapidly growing in population. Scientists can manipulate genes and better shape natural selection. Both debaters bring strong arguments to this hot debate. Which side are you on?

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