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GAR Flag
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There are many ways to preserve the past. Preserving the past can mean documenting the stories of people before they die….Sometimes it can mean protecting a piece of history… an artifact that is a tangible link to the past. When these rare gems are first found, they often appear to be nothing but old junk. Laura Kidd was given just such a relic to restore: an old beat up flag… the last vestige an organization called the Grand Army of the Republic. The army was a national organization of union veterans who severed in the civil war. And this flag came from a Murphysboro area post; Worthen Post #128. It’s construction and the materials alone make it a rare find. How it was found and what was learned in preserving this artifact is how fragile our history is. It can be lost - or it can saved.

Host: Laura Kidd
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Link To video segment: Episode: 225