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Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disease which destroys brain cells and causes debilitating memory loss eventually requiring long term care and often institutionalization. Long before this disease requires the need for acute care, families are going to face dilemmas: such as when does a patient stop driving? Most families however well intentioned, handle these kinds of situations rather poorly. Richard Taylor, author of “Alzheimer’s From the Inside Out”, addresses how to give patients a degree of say-so, in these life changing decisions, through a process involving consensus and planning. Taylor’s insights are uncommon because they come from an Alzheimer’s patient’s perspective. How these patients feel, and what they want has largely been ignored by caregivers, professionals, and even their own family members. This is the first of two eye opening reports that challenges these family members to become better prepared, and to act in a more transparent and sensitive way, rather than unitarily imposing these changes upon a loved one without offering alternatives. If you would like to learn more about services available for people suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, call the Alzheimer Association at 618-985-1095.

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