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Solar Home 2
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This past December on WSIU Infocus, we told you about the solar tour, and we visited one of the homes featured on the tour. This home utilized passive solar energy and contemporary efficiency practices to cut energy costs while protecting the environment. Now we’ll take another stop on the solar tour as we visit the home of Jim and Mary Maginel who also live “off grid”. This choice was made out of economic necessity, but also represents the kinds of things that individuals can do on their own, if they truly wish to move towards a greener lifestyle. It can be done, and can done right now. But it requires the right attitude, and a few lifestyle style changes. For example, Jim and Mary have no clothes dryer, because their electric system operates at only 110 volts. This stop on last year’s solar tour allowed visitors to see what it means to cut the cord and live more simply using only solar power. If you would like to view our first feature on the solar home tour click here.

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