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WSIU TV to Host Live Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

Contact: Jak Tichenor, WSIU TV, (618) 453-6187,

Carbondale, Ill. - Reporters, camera crews, and photographers are invited to cover a live gubernatorial debate between Democratic candidates Governor Pat Quinn and Comptroller Dan Hynes on Thursday, January 21 at 8pm in WSIU-TV's Studio A, located in Room 1065 of the Communications Building, 1100 Lincoln Drive, Carbondale.

The debate will air live on WSIU-TV, WSIU Radio, and, but other public television and radio stations around the state may time shift for later broadcast.

WSIU-TV's Jak Tichenor will moderate the debate, with questioning from David Yepsen, Director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at SIUC, and Jennifer Fuller of WSIU Public Radio.

Photographers and video cameras will be allowed in the studio before the debate for set-up shots, candidates mingling, group shots, etc.

News media must leave the studio ten minutes before the debate starts at 8pm, but can cover the debate from WSIU TV's Studio B, which is adjacent to Studio A.  WSIU will provide a mult. box with video and audio feeds for broadcast reporters in Studio B, as well as tables and chairs for workspace. Reporters can return to Studio A after the debate to talk to the candidates.

Internet access:  A wifi hotspot will be active in Studio B during the evening of the broadcast. WSIU's Information Technology staff will provide the appropriate access information upon your arrival. 

Please contact WSIU if you are planning to be at the debate. Contact Jak Tichenor at (618) 453-6187 or

Directions:  Come to the west door of the Communications Building (Daily Egyptian entrance) and follow the signs to the Studios. A check-in table will be set up in the hallway outside the studios so that you may receive the necessary credentials to enter the studio facilities.

Satellite information:
For commercial stations who may want to take the feed to excerpt the debate for news coverage:

AMC-3 @ 87W
Transponder K22-B (9 MHz)
U/L 14444.50 Horizontal
D/L 12144.50 Vertical
Symbol Rate 6.250
FEC 3/4
Test begins at 20:30 ET (19:30 Local and Central)
Live Debate at 21:00 ET (20:00 Local and Central)
Trouble - 618-525-0787

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