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The Electric Company Circuit Tour Invites Youth Group Participation

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Carbondale, IL- WSIU Public Broadcasting, the public media division of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, is thrilled to bring The Electric Company Circuit Tour to the Rent One Ballpark in Marion, Illinois on Monday, October 12. The Circuit Tour is a free, 90-minute multimedia experience for children ages 6 through 9. This live show invites kids into a world where reading is hip and where play and respect are hard-wired into their vocabulary and self-expression. Children will spend the day with The Electric Company's very own beat box artist, Chris Sullivan, also known as Shock.

As a part of its unique experience, The Circuit Tour uses the freshest pop culture -- particularly hip-hop, spoken word, and celebrity appearances -- to engage children with fun activities, educational materials, and free giveaways focused on literacy. The educational curriculum incorporates words connected to topics that kids are interested in -- be it sports, music, or outer space. Children attending The Circuit Tour will find themselves in a special place where they feel like VIPs.

The primary audience for WSIU's presentation of The Circuit Tour is six to nine year old children and their families. The tour is open to the public, and other children, families, and educators are encouraged to attend. Our partners include after school programs, first through third grade classrooms, youth groups, faith groups, libraries, and others who participated with Sesame Workshop and WSIU in the production research for The Electric Company show.

Monday, October 12, Columbus Day, is a school holiday. Up to 475 reserved seats near the stage will be available free of charge to students ages 6 through 9 who pre-register through their schools and youth group leaders. These 475 students will participate in hands-on activities during the show and receive a variety of exciting materials to take home. Additional stadium seating, also free of charge, will be available to families, siblings, and students of other ages. WSIU is seeking responses from youth groups serving children ages 6 through 9 who wish to participate in The Electric Company Circuit Tour. Groups that partake in the event's activities will find The Circuit Tour to be a fun-filled and educational experience for participating children.

To schedule a personalized planning discussion and to arrange pre-registration for your group, you must call Beth Spezia at 618-453-5595 by Friday, October 2.

The Electric Company Circuit Tour is another special event brought to Southern Illinois communities through WSIU's Raising Readers campaign. The PBS KIDS Raising Readers campaign is funded by a Ready To Learn grant from the U.S. Department of Education, part of a cooperative agreement with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS and The Ready To Learn Partnership.

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