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Mapping The Trail of Tears in Southern Illinois Exhibit - Acknowledgements & References


Partial funding for this project provided by U.S. National Park Service Challenge Cost-Share (NPS/USDI-J7700066018) and (NPS/USDI-J770003316) and the Department of Geology, the Department of Forestry, the College of Science, the College of Agricultural Sciences, and the Vice-Chancellor of Research at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Special thanks to Aneesa Lehman, Omkar Reddy, Colleen Lindsay, Andrew Podoll, Phil Szymcek and the BIG students for field assistance and data processing; Dr. John Burde and Dr. Charles Ruffner of the Department of Forestry; Trail of Tears Association, Illinois Chapter, including board members Sandra Boaz, Joe Crabb, Sue Glasco, Gary Hacker, Harvey Henson, Cheryl Jett and Rowena McClinton; the late Geneva Wiggs and daughter Billie Kaye Hamlin; Juanita Whiteside and Terry Choate of the Johnson County Genealogical and Historical Society; Mr. & Mrs. Joe Bigham, Darrel Dexter, Marie Exler, and Tony Gerard.

Large maps created by Harvey Henson in the Department of Geology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Exhibit created by Karen Frailey and Harvey Henson with contribution from the TOTA Illinois Chapter Board of Directors.

Technical assistance and exhibit preparation provided by Bob DeHoet, Education Director with the University Museum, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Traveling exhibit sponsored by WSIU and arranged by Vickie Devenport, Outreach Director, WSIU at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


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